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We are small,
but we are ambitious

Use the best email automation tool on the market to give your business the competitive edge it deserves.

FlackEmail is a unique email marketing platform that allows users to automate their email marketing campaigns for better results. Our email marketing software is designed to ensure that you do not encounter any challenges in your quest to reach your customers. We will help you engage more customers to build your brand. We help you send the right message, to the right people, at the right time – whether they’re your leads, your trial users, or your customers.

The story of FlackEmail began when we realized that many businesses and individuals have particular problems with their clients. These problems stemmed from their inability to build and manage their relationship with these clients. Resultantly, we developed an email automation tool that focuses on helping them kick-start their email marketing and widen the reach of their business. In summary, we offer you the perfect email marketing solution.

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A small but mighty team

Today, our promise to you is that we will never relent in our efforts to make sure that every business has access to the ideal mail marketing software. We want every industry to connect with its clients seamlessly. Even if it requires us to go extra miles, we will never stop until each of our customers build their brand to be more customer-centric and reliable.